This website is for people that really love God but feel uncomfortable in most Churches.

God loving people

If you love God, you are searching or just disappointed with a bad religious experience this website will help you to relax, have fun and also find a great Church in your area of residence.

that don't fit in

Maybe you are just like most of the Earth's population and you feel that you don't fit in, you are so different from them or your system of beliefs is so far away from what you were told as a kid

in most Churches

I guess you visited a few Churches and respected things but you found that people are so ridiculous and fanatic that you just run away from their club. You are looking for God in a personal way...

but have faith...

Nevertheless you are curious about faith, God and you think that maybe some day you will think about it. So have fun with some ridiculous pictures and read some inspiring messages on our website.

14 Dec 13
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This is a cool place if they serve non-alcoholic 

This is a cool place if they serve non-alcoholic 

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